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Our Mission

The Board of Fire Commissioners, Fire District No.1 shall be committed to the advancement of effective and efficient fire and public safety within the Borough through the provision of volunteer personnel, apparatus and equipment necessary to preserve life and property as necessitated by the community needs while being fiscally prudent and at all times accountable to the taxpayer.

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A dedicated family of volunteers belonging to Volunteer Engine Company No.2 and Manasquan Hook and Ladder Company No.1, and collectively known as the Manasquan Fire Department, shall, through their professionalism, dedication, integrity and training, endeavor to provide the highest level of emergency fire and public service. This service shall be accomplished through the delivery of emergency response, fire safety education and training programs, fire prevention programs and through public relations and personal contact with our residents and business owners. A vital component of this service is the Bureau of Fire Safety which, through paid personnel, provides fire prevention code enforcement.

Since the District's inception, its partnership with the Fire Department has safeguarded the health, safety and welfare of the community. This cooperative effort was proudly undertaken by all involved and the mission of the District is to continue this successful partnership in the future with the highest professional standards, integrity, dedication and courtesy to the public that the community has come to expect and deserves.

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Manasquan Fire District Fire Commissioners

John White, Chairman 

Matt Byrne, 1st Vice Chairman

Jack Herbert Jr., Treasurer

Carmen Triggiano, Secretary

Brian Wick, 2nd Vice Chairman 

Manasquan Fire District Office Staff

Chris Barkalow,

Director of Fire Services /

Fire Marshal

Nick Krauss, Inspector

Yvonne Ray, Administrative Clerk

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